Collection: Sissel Edelbo

Since 2004, we have lovingly crafted the story of SISSEL EDELBO. A tale of creativity, responsibility, and a love for Indian culture and its most beautiful treasure trove of vintage materials and craftsmanship. 

Behind SISSEL EDELBO stands the couple Jeanne Sissel Thomsen and Chris Elmengaard. Together, they share the vision of creating a brand grounded in responsible principles and with an aesthetic fondness for a colorful and feminine boho universe. 

With a holistic mindset and a desire to work responsibly in every aspect of the value chain – from production and the people involved to collections designed with responsible materials and a passion for craftsmanship – SISSEL EDELBO has become synonymous with responsible fashion. Each season, we continue to refine and reinvent our own language, with upcycling vintage textiles with high craftsmanship as the core.