Collection: AGOLDE


A fashion-forward denim label, experimental in both approach and design.

Continually seeking inspiration from the classics, the AGOLDE design collective sets out to recreate them with a modern reinterpretation in mind. An AGOLDE silhouette offers the authenticity and rarity found in discovering the perfect vintage pair of jeans.

AGOLDE draws influence from an eclectic mix of emerging artists, creatives, and individuals, but while their style is radical, each piece is crafted with meticulous detail and a focus on design, sustainability, and comfort. AGOLDE uses innovative fabrics sourced from around the world to create denim of the highest calibre. They personally and carefully test every fit and fabric and believe the practicality of a pair of jeans is as important as the design.

Importantly for us here at Fabini, AGOLDE is committed to reducing its imprint on the global environment, including laser technology, ozone machines and high-efficiency wash methods to produce their apparel.